Medooza token (MDZA) price prediction

You can be a part of the success story.

Here are many ways to earn from MDZA right today.

Our token is growing and has high price on the XDai network compared to Ethereum.

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Medooza token price prediction


Why choose Medooza?

We believe that the social engagement status quo can be changed by Challenging The Way That Users, Advertisers & Organizations Interact With each other. “The Medooza Project Enable The Blockchain Mass adoption possible”. Read more about the project

How our payment work

It's Really Easy!

It's easier than you think.Follow 3 simple easy steps

Provide a wallet in which You are interested in receiving the MDZA token. Provide purchase amount in USD.
Select your cryptocurrency
Receive a token to provided wallet address on xDai network

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Coinpayments support thousands of tokkens. You can choose a preferred one during the purchase process. The full list of supported tokens.

Since we worked with xDai network, the process start to be short. But here is still network dependency if You purchase with ETH or BTC. You can check the status on blockchain at any time.

You pay the standard network fee only. Each transaction on blockchain required "GAS". Each network has a different GAS fee. For example, on xDai the GAS is about $0.000086 USD. You will see the exactly the network fee during the purchase process.

Absolutely. Here are many different ways You can sell/trade or use our token. Please refer to: our wiki